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SEA-Teacher Batch 6 Report (Pedagogical Content)

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Hello guys. So, in this post i will share some of my Experiences (especially in Pedagogical Content) as the Participant of SEA-Teacher program Batch 6 in Udon Thani, Thailand.
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So, let's check this out!


School: General Information and Academic Administration

School Profile

I taught at Demonstration School of Udon Thani Rajabhat University (also known as Satit UDRU).
It's located at 64 Taharn Road, Meuang, Udon Thani. Established on 26th December 2011 by UDRU Council and declared as one of the UDRU faculty. They started the 1st semester on 1st October 2012. Divide by three sections: Preschool, Primary school, and Secondary school. In 2018, there are 429 Students; 124 Preschool Students, 210 Primary Students, 95 Secondary Students, 21 Teachers, 12 Extra Teachers and 2 School Officer.

Academic Support System

Satit UDRU has a lot of facilities to support the learning process for the students such as Library, Scientific Laboratory, Multimedia Room, Auditorium, Music Room, Sport Venues, and Multipurpose Garden.

Teaching System

  • Classroom based strategies 

Teachers continually monitor students performance and learning needs, and then adjust what they teach or how they teach based on the report to improve the students learning

  • After hours strategies 

The school provides after-school Program and tutoring services to help students prepare class or acquire study skills

  • Teaching and Learning Strategies

Teachers focus on students solving problems perceived as meaningful or relevant to their lives (Problem Based Learning strategy) and Encourage Students Communication working on groups (Corporate Learning Strategy)

  • Vacation-break strategies

The school provides Summer Program to create and help students catch up the learning progress, and also prepare for the next grade. 

  • Outside of school Strategies Reading program & field trip

The school provides a variety of programs, such as reading programs, community groups and volunteer-based learning programs. The students also have the field trip every academic year.

Materials and Other Learning Sources

  • Text books
  • Films
  • Plays
  • Multimedia
  • Digital learning
  • Lectures
  • Speeches
  • performance

Measurement System


Teaching Plan

The teaching plan in thailand is simpler than in Indonesia, so it's easier for us to make it. The teaching plan contain: Learning Objectives, Measurement and Assesment, Learning sources, and Teaching Activities.


Pedagogical Contents

Teaching Methods

After i observed the classes in Satit UDRU, most of the teacher use methods like; Lectures, Discussions, Problem Solving and other teaching methods. But mostly, the teaching method they use is based at the students (Student based Learning)

Learning Materials and Innovation

As we know, mathematics is an absract concept. So the most important thing from the materials is, it can represent the math as a concrete concept so students will understand it easier. In Satit, we use Books and Puzzle.

Sources of Learning and Technology

Mathematics Book for grade 7 & Internet

Authentic Assessment

The teacher use Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment


Teaching Plan 


Mathematics Teaching Plan

Click here to see my lesson plan


Observation on Teachers

Planning For Teaching

  • Teacher plan the teaching subject and time based on the Curriculum. 
  • Compare it with the mathematics book.
  • Make the Learning Objectives
  • Decide the method, strategy, and the material

Teaching In Class

To make sure the learning process goes well, teacher should stick to the lesson plan. But sometimes, there will be problem such as; The students kinda slower to understand than we expect, or some of the students make a noise. Here is the Class Management skill needed. As a teacher, we should know how to solve every problem we face in the class. 

Measurement and Evaluation

Teachers in Satit use the formative assessment to monitor the growth of the learning process. Its good to know what to do and what to teach based on the students performance.
They also use the summative assessment to evaluate student learning at all.


Teaching Practice

Procedures of Teaching

Before i start teaching, i asked the teacher about what topic i will teach first. And then, i made a lesson plan based on the topic, decide what strategy and method that fit with the topic, and also made the material. 
As example, i taught about Place Value of decimal. So i decided to use Bingo Game. So the students will easier to understand the Place Value of Decimal number (because they arrange the bingo card).
After decide what to teach and how to teach, i adjust the time with the activities.

Time Management and Organizing Activities

1 class period in Satit UDRU is 50 minutes. So, to make sure the students understand the topic i teach, i divide the time by 3. First, i recall the student's memories about the last lesson that related with the topic i teach. And then, the second step is, i teach the basic of the topic. And for the last, i give them the Exercise either in Game method or just a simple test.

Problem Solving

The biggest problem from the teaching process is to communicate with the students. As we know that for Thailand, english is a foreign language, just like in Indonesia. So, to solve this problem. I learned some Mathematics Vocabularies such as the Number, Basic operation, and also how to spell decimal form.

Classroom Management

To avoid a crowded and noisy class, i divide the students into some groups (4 students each groups) and made a game where they should compete each other, so they should focus on their group to win. 
It also improve the Group Working skill.
I also prepared some price for them if they win, so it will made the students more active and excited with the Learning Process.


Summery and Suggestions

Purpose of Practicum

The main purpose of the practicum is: Provide the Pre-Service Student Teachers to have a real teaching experiences in schools in other countries in Southeast Asia. In other way, it's also a big oppurtunity for us to improve our english, to learn new thing, new culture, and gain new friends. 

Procedures of Practicum

The first week of the Practicum is observation. We observe the learning process in the school, the curriculum, the lesson plan, and all the activities in the school

Outcomes of Practicum

The outcome of the practicum, hopefully the Pre-Service Student Teacher like us will have the Teaching Skill such as Confidence, Class management, Time management, Problem solving skill, and also better english.

The Challanges of Practicum

Most of the problem is the language. First, i have to translate all the Lesson Plan (from thai to english), i have to translate the mathematics book too, and i should use google translate everytime i have conversation with the students.

Overall Impression

I'm out of word to express how happy i am to be the part of this project. It's a really-really great experience to stay in Udon Thani, to be friend with the Buddy in UDRU, to teach the students in Satit, to help the teacher there, to be friend with the Student Teacher in Satit too, and to have a lot of new friends. I'm so lucky to be there. And i hope someday i'll be back again.

Suggestions for Future Improvement

I only hope two things. First, The SEAMEO expand the period of the project (maybe for 6 months or 1 year). Second, SEAMEO make something like a Reunion Project for all the participant to have one more chance to go back to the place where they practice.

I think that's all for me. I hope you guys enjoy this story, and maybe will have a chane to join the SEA-Teacher project too someday.
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