Friday, 24 August 2018

WEEK 3 - Teaching week

Day 15th, 18 August 2018. Saturday.

Today, Ajarn Nichata asked us to join her diploma classes again at 10.00 am.
We came there at 10.00 (we were late because the girls again).
At first, we introduced ourself in front of the class.
We started the activities with conversation activity. Ajarn Nichata gave us some papers with a quetion on it. I got "What kind of music do you like?"
So the rule was, we have to talk with each of the students with the topic that given to us. It was a funny activity because when i asked them with my question, they try to sing their favourite song 555.

After that, Ajarn Nichata divided the whole class into 8 groups, each group got one situation, and we should make a topic from the setting that she gave to us.  My group got "The night market" topic. So we made a script based on the topic and insert some jokes there. I act as a tourist who looking for a souvenir and my friends in my group act as a local person. This activity was funny and also great for practicing english. After took some pictures

At the night, the teachers from Satit UDRU (Ajarn New, Dream, Ice, Tae, and Bang from Ban Makh Khaeng) invited us to go to a Cafe. They brought us to Nom Tao Cafe. That was a nice place to hang out.
At the beginning, i ordered Fried Chicken with rice, and also Hot Chocolate.
After that, they ordered a lot of dessert. Such as Chocolate Ice Cream with toasted bread, and also the Vanilla Ice cream with slice of melon fruit.
That was my most delicious dessert i've ever had. We were really enjoyed that moment, we laughed and also share our stories. I started to feel attached with them. :')

I made a lot of friends that day. And i hope our friendship last forever.

Day 16th, 19 August 2018, Sunday.

Sunday funday!
Ajarn Kim and Ajarn Nichata invited us to join a Fun Run that held on the Nongprajak Park. She said we should go at 5.00 AM, one of the most impossible thing to do in holiday.
We woke up at 5.00 AM (we make it, yeah!) and go at 05.20 AM, we went to the gate of the UDRU and met The Buddies (Nutty, Mew, and Jdar). We waited for 1 hour until the girl showed up, they late as usual.
We rode a tuktuk, and when we came there, the marathon was already started. So, we decided to have Fun Run with all the Sea-Teachers and The buddies. I reached the finish line first (because i wore  The Flash Shirt 555).
When Jdar, Stephen, and Joshua came, we decided to have a breakfast.

We went back to the dorm at 11.00 am. And after that, i prepared my Lesson Plan and Materials because i will teach in the Next Day.
I will teach about Place Value of decimal, so i made a bingo card with numbers and symbol on it.

Day 17th, 20 August 2018, Monday.

This day is my first day teaching. I Taught at Mathayom Suksa 1/1.
As i said before, i taught about Place Value of Decimal. I explained about it first and gave them examples. To make sure the students understand, i give them Exercise with the bingo game. I offer them some gift for the winner so they will do their best.

The learning process goes well. I didn't have any problem but language. But lucky me, My Mentor, Ajarn Leng helped me to translate what i said to the students. I also learned some Mathematics Vocabularies to made the communication easier.

This was my first time teaching. I really-really excited and feel happy to taught in that class, the students were really active and excited. And this day is one of the unforgettable moment because that was my first students ever.


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WEEK 3 - Teaching week
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