Friday, 17 August 2018

WEEK 2 - Assist Week

Day 8th, August, 11th 2018
Saturday was a free day. So I just spent my morning in the dormitory to wash my clothes and prepare some teaching materials.
In the afternoon, all of the Sea-teacher participant were invited by Ajarn Kim to watch the Freshy Orientation. There are 11 majors in the faculty of education that compete for the ED Freshy Boy and Girl 2018. 
After that, we went to Ajarn Nichata’s diploma class to share about our experiences at Udon Thani, and also our Culture. She said that we were invited there to have a conversation with the students, so they have a chance to speak in english and also will have a confidence to talk with the foreigner.

After the class, we went back to the ED Freshy event to watch the Question and Answer session. Cause we didn't understand what are they talked about, we asked our buddies to translate the whole QnA session 5555 (5555 is spelled as hahaha/laugh in thai)
Finally, at 23.30 they announce the winner that will represent the Faculty Of Education in the upcoming UDRU Pageant event.

Day 9th , 12th august 2018
We also didn’t have any schedule on Sunday. So we decided to go to Central Plaza by ourself. 
Me, Step, and also Joshua rode a tuktuk to go there. The driver set an Expensive price, but because we learned some phrases in Thai to get discount we only have to spent 30 baht for 3 people.
At the central plaza, we decided to eat first. We went to McDonald, and what make me really surprised was; they have different menu with Indonesia. As example, In Indonesia we have Apple Pie and Banana Pie, but in Thailand they have the Pineapple Pie and Corn Pie. I tried both and I love the Pineapple pie.
After finished eating, we strolled around the central plaza and found a lot of Queen’s pictures and Blue stuff (as i explained before, they celebrate the Mother's Day). 
At the afternoon, we go back to the dorm to have a rest.

Day 10th, 13 august 2018.

So, this day was the schedule for all the participant of Sea-Teacher Program to go to Nong-Khai Province. It's a province near Udon Thani that has Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge spanning the river to Laos. We went with Ajarn Kim and also Ajarn Patawan (The Dean of Education)

First, we went to Sala Kaew Ku, it was a unique place full of weird but meaningful statues of Buddha and other celestial god in buddhism religion. There was also a pool with giant fish there. Its a nice place to relax ourself.

After that, we went to Wat Pho Chai in Luang Po Phra Sai. This place is a holy place where they have a large Lan Xang–era Buddha image awash with gold, bronze and precious stones.
It was kinda crowded there because this place is a famous place for visitor like us.

The next place was Indo-Chinese market. It was a marketplace where you can find anything such as clothings, accessories, foods, and also souvenir from Thailand and Also Laos. In the middle of the market, you also can see the Mekong river. The river that separate Thailand and Laos.

And for the last, we went to Wat Phra That Bang Phuan. It's also one of the most sacred temple in Nong Khai.

In the afternoon, me and the other Muslim girl went to the mosque to pray and ate in the Halal Restaurant beside that. After that we went back to UDRU to have some rest and prepare ourself for the next day.

Day 11th 14 agustus tuesday

Holiday was over. It's time to go back to school. I started the day with the Ceremony like usual.

This day is the beginning of the Assistance Week. So i joined Pam's Class and help her to teach the students about the Decimal Number. She gave exercise for the students, and i helped the students as much as i can (I use google translate sometimes).

After the class finished, we got surprised cause Satit UDRU gave us our own table and desk. WOW.
Because i only had one class on that day, i spent the rest of the day in our new office by listening to the music and do our blog.

Day12th  15 agustus wednesday

Day 13th 16 agustus Thursday
To celebrate the Science Day, me, Stephen, Nesty, and some of the Students from Satit UDRU went to Somprao, the branch of the UDRU Campus.
It was a really-really huge event there. They have the Science Exhibition, Food Bazaar, and also a Rocket Bottle Competition for all the students in Udon Thani.
I spent all day to accompany the students wherever they go. First, we tried some unique food in the Bazaar. I tried Kwetiaw Noodle, Coconut water, Something like crepes but not crepes, Boiled Egg Satay, and also Chicken Kebab.
After finished eating, we went to the Football Stadium to support the students in Rocket Bottle Competition.
There were a lot of students from other School in Udon Thani compete for the winner, and luckily the Team from Satit Won this competetion. WOW!

Finished with the rocket bottle, we were going back to the food bazaar to have a lunch and wait for the bus to pick us up. While waiting, we have a convesation with the students, about their nickname, their hobbies (k-pop 555) and also about our culture. I really-really happy to know more about them. I started to feel like they're my family, and i didn't wanna leave them. :(

Day 14th 17 agustus Friday
Dhirgahayu Republik Indonesia yang ke-73!
17 August is the Independence day of Indonesia. So I, Miranti, and Nesty decided to wore White-Red clothes and took a picture in front of the International Office.
After that, I went back to school and decorate my table with Indonesian Flag. Even if we weren't in Indonesia, but we still have the Spirit of Independence. We also have to be proud because we represent our Country, Indonesia, in Thailand.

I didn't have any class that day. So i just sat in the office, watching Indonesia Indepence Ceremony via YouTube.
What i missed the most is the Independence Day Games. For Your Information, to celebrate the Independence Day, there were a lot of game such as Climbing Slippery Pole Game, Catching Eels, Sack Race, and many more. I hope that next year i can see those games again.


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WEEK 2 - Assist Week
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