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SEA-Teacher Batch 6 Report (Pedagogical Content)

Sawatdee Krap!

Hello guys. So, in this post i will share some of my Experiences (especially in Pedagogical Content) as the Participant of SEA-Teacher program Batch 6 in Udon Thani, Thailand.
If you wanna read the whole story, you can visit these link:
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So, let's check this out!


School: General Information and Academic Administration

School Profile

I taught at Demonstration School of Udon Thani Rajabhat University (also known as Satit UDRU).
It's located at 64 Taharn Road, Meuang, Udon Thani. Established on 26th December 2011 by UDRU Council and declared as one of the UDRU faculty. They started the 1st semester on 1st October 2012. Divide by three sections: Preschool, Primary school, and Secondary school. In 2018, there are 429 Students; 124 Preschool Students, 210 Primary Students, 95 Secondary Students, 21 Teachers, 12 Extra Teachers and 2 School Officer.

Academic Support System

Satit UDRU has a lot of facilities to support the learning process for the students such as Library, Scientific Laboratory, Multimedia Room, Auditorium, Music Room, Sport Venues, and Multipurpose Garden.

Teaching System

  • Classroom based strategies 

Teachers continually monitor students performance and learning needs, and then adjust what they teach or how they teach based on the report to improve the students learning

  • After hours strategies 

The school provides after-school Program and tutoring services to help students prepare class or acquire study skills

  • Teaching and Learning Strategies

Teachers focus on students solving problems perceived as meaningful or relevant to their lives (Problem Based Learning strategy) and Encourage Students Communication working on groups (Corporate Learning Strategy)

  • Vacation-break strategies

The school provides Summer Program to create and help students catch up the learning progress, and also prepare for the next grade. 

  • Outside of school Strategies Reading program & field trip

The school provides a variety of programs, such as reading programs, community groups and volunteer-based learning programs. The students also have the field trip every academic year.

Materials and Other Learning Sources

  • Text books
  • Films
  • Plays
  • Multimedia
  • Digital learning
  • Lectures
  • Speeches
  • performance

Measurement System


Teaching Plan

The teaching plan in thailand is simpler than in Indonesia, so it's easier for us to make it. The teaching plan contain: Learning Objectives, Measurement and Assesment, Learning sources, and Teaching Activities.


Pedagogical Contents

Teaching Methods

After i observed the classes in Satit UDRU, most of the teacher use methods like; Lectures, Discussions, Problem Solving and other teaching methods. But mostly, the teaching method they use is based at the students (Student based Learning)

Learning Materials and Innovation

As we know, mathematics is an absract concept. So the most important thing from the materials is, it can represent the math as a concrete concept so students will understand it easier. In Satit, we use Books and Puzzle.

Sources of Learning and Technology

Mathematics Book for grade 7 & Internet

Authentic Assessment

The teacher use Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment


Teaching Plan 


Mathematics Teaching Plan

Click here to see my lesson plan


Observation on Teachers

Planning For Teaching

  • Teacher plan the teaching subject and time based on the Curriculum. 
  • Compare it with the mathematics book.
  • Make the Learning Objectives
  • Decide the method, strategy, and the material

Teaching In Class

To make sure the learning process goes well, teacher should stick to the lesson plan. But sometimes, there will be problem such as; The students kinda slower to understand than we expect, or some of the students make a noise. Here is the Class Management skill needed. As a teacher, we should know how to solve every problem we face in the class. 

Measurement and Evaluation

Teachers in Satit use the formative assessment to monitor the growth of the learning process. Its good to know what to do and what to teach based on the students performance.
They also use the summative assessment to evaluate student learning at all.


Teaching Practice

Procedures of Teaching

Before i start teaching, i asked the teacher about what topic i will teach first. And then, i made a lesson plan based on the topic, decide what strategy and method that fit with the topic, and also made the material. 
As example, i taught about Place Value of decimal. So i decided to use Bingo Game. So the students will easier to understand the Place Value of Decimal number (because they arrange the bingo card).
After decide what to teach and how to teach, i adjust the time with the activities.

Time Management and Organizing Activities

1 class period in Satit UDRU is 50 minutes. So, to make sure the students understand the topic i teach, i divide the time by 3. First, i recall the student's memories about the last lesson that related with the topic i teach. And then, the second step is, i teach the basic of the topic. And for the last, i give them the Exercise either in Game method or just a simple test.

Problem Solving

The biggest problem from the teaching process is to communicate with the students. As we know that for Thailand, english is a foreign language, just like in Indonesia. So, to solve this problem. I learned some Mathematics Vocabularies such as the Number, Basic operation, and also how to spell decimal form.

Classroom Management

To avoid a crowded and noisy class, i divide the students into some groups (4 students each groups) and made a game where they should compete each other, so they should focus on their group to win. 
It also improve the Group Working skill.
I also prepared some price for them if they win, so it will made the students more active and excited with the Learning Process.


Summery and Suggestions

Purpose of Practicum

The main purpose of the practicum is: Provide the Pre-Service Student Teachers to have a real teaching experiences in schools in other countries in Southeast Asia. In other way, it's also a big oppurtunity for us to improve our english, to learn new thing, new culture, and gain new friends. 

Procedures of Practicum

The first week of the Practicum is observation. We observe the learning process in the school, the curriculum, the lesson plan, and all the activities in the school

Outcomes of Practicum

The outcome of the practicum, hopefully the Pre-Service Student Teacher like us will have the Teaching Skill such as Confidence, Class management, Time management, Problem solving skill, and also better english.

The Challanges of Practicum

Most of the problem is the language. First, i have to translate all the Lesson Plan (from thai to english), i have to translate the mathematics book too, and i should use google translate everytime i have conversation with the students.

Overall Impression

I'm out of word to express how happy i am to be the part of this project. It's a really-really great experience to stay in Udon Thani, to be friend with the Buddy in UDRU, to teach the students in Satit, to help the teacher there, to be friend with the Student Teacher in Satit too, and to have a lot of new friends. I'm so lucky to be there. And i hope someday i'll be back again.

Suggestions for Future Improvement

I only hope two things. First, The SEAMEO expand the period of the project (maybe for 6 months or 1 year). Second, SEAMEO make something like a Reunion Project for all the participant to have one more chance to go back to the place where they practice.

I think that's all for me. I hope you guys enjoy this story, and maybe will have a chane to join the SEA-Teacher project too someday.
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Friday, 24 August 2018

WEEK 3 - Teaching week

WEEK 3 - Teaching week

Day 15th, 18 August 2018. Saturday.

Today, Ajarn Nichata asked us to join her diploma classes again at 10.00 am.
We came there at 10.00 (we were late because the girls again).
At first, we introduced ourself in front of the class.
We started the activities with conversation activity. Ajarn Nichata gave us some papers with a quetion on it. I got "What kind of music do you like?"
So the rule was, we have to talk with each of the students with the topic that given to us. It was a funny activity because when i asked them with my question, they try to sing their favourite song 555.

After that, Ajarn Nichata divided the whole class into 8 groups, each group got one situation, and we should make a topic from the setting that she gave to us.  My group got "The night market" topic. So we made a script based on the topic and insert some jokes there. I act as a tourist who looking for a souvenir and my friends in my group act as a local person. This activity was funny and also great for practicing english. After took some pictures

At the night, the teachers from Satit UDRU (Ajarn New, Dream, Ice, Tae, and Bang from Ban Makh Khaeng) invited us to go to a Cafe. They brought us to Nom Tao Cafe. That was a nice place to hang out.
At the beginning, i ordered Fried Chicken with rice, and also Hot Chocolate.
After that, they ordered a lot of dessert. Such as Chocolate Ice Cream with toasted bread, and also the Vanilla Ice cream with slice of melon fruit.
That was my most delicious dessert i've ever had. We were really enjoyed that moment, we laughed and also share our stories. I started to feel attached with them. :')

I made a lot of friends that day. And i hope our friendship last forever.

Day 16th, 19 August 2018, Sunday.

Sunday funday!
Ajarn Kim and Ajarn Nichata invited us to join a Fun Run that held on the Nongprajak Park. She said we should go at 5.00 AM, one of the most impossible thing to do in holiday.
We woke up at 5.00 AM (we make it, yeah!) and go at 05.20 AM, we went to the gate of the UDRU and met The Buddies (Nutty, Mew, and Jdar). We waited for 1 hour until the girl showed up, they late as usual.
We rode a tuktuk, and when we came there, the marathon was already started. So, we decided to have Fun Run with all the Sea-Teachers and The buddies. I reached the finish line first (because i wore  The Flash Shirt 555).
When Jdar, Stephen, and Joshua came, we decided to have a breakfast.

We went back to the dorm at 11.00 am. And after that, i prepared my Lesson Plan and Materials because i will teach in the Next Day.
I will teach about Place Value of decimal, so i made a bingo card with numbers and symbol on it.

Day 17th, 20 August 2018, Monday.

This day is my first day teaching. I Taught at Mathayom Suksa 1/1.
As i said before, i taught about Place Value of Decimal. I explained about it first and gave them examples. To make sure the students understand, i give them Exercise with the bingo game. I offer them some gift for the winner so they will do their best.

The learning process goes well. I didn't have any problem but language. But lucky me, My Mentor, Ajarn Leng helped me to translate what i said to the students. I also learned some Mathematics Vocabularies to made the communication easier.

This was my first time teaching. I really-really excited and feel happy to taught in that class, the students were really active and excited. And this day is one of the unforgettable moment because that was my first students ever.

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Friday, 17 August 2018

WEEK 2 - Assist Week

WEEK 2 - Assist Week

Day 8th, August, 11th 2018
Saturday was a free day. So I just spent my morning in the dormitory to wash my clothes and prepare some teaching materials.
In the afternoon, all of the Sea-teacher participant were invited by Ajarn Kim to watch the Freshy Orientation. There are 11 majors in the faculty of education that compete for the ED Freshy Boy and Girl 2018. 
After that, we went to Ajarn Nichata’s diploma class to share about our experiences at Udon Thani, and also our Culture. She said that we were invited there to have a conversation with the students, so they have a chance to speak in english and also will have a confidence to talk with the foreigner.

After the class, we went back to the ED Freshy event to watch the Question and Answer session. Cause we didn't understand what are they talked about, we asked our buddies to translate the whole QnA session 5555 (5555 is spelled as hahaha/laugh in thai)
Finally, at 23.30 they announce the winner that will represent the Faculty Of Education in the upcoming UDRU Pageant event.

Day 9th , 12th august 2018
We also didn’t have any schedule on Sunday. So we decided to go to Central Plaza by ourself. 
Me, Step, and also Joshua rode a tuktuk to go there. The driver set an Expensive price, but because we learned some phrases in Thai to get discount we only have to spent 30 baht for 3 people.
At the central plaza, we decided to eat first. We went to McDonald, and what make me really surprised was; they have different menu with Indonesia. As example, In Indonesia we have Apple Pie and Banana Pie, but in Thailand they have the Pineapple Pie and Corn Pie. I tried both and I love the Pineapple pie.
After finished eating, we strolled around the central plaza and found a lot of Queen’s pictures and Blue stuff (as i explained before, they celebrate the Mother's Day). 
At the afternoon, we go back to the dorm to have a rest.

Day 10th, 13 august 2018.

So, this day was the schedule for all the participant of Sea-Teacher Program to go to Nong-Khai Province. It's a province near Udon Thani that has Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge spanning the river to Laos. We went with Ajarn Kim and also Ajarn Patawan (The Dean of Education)

First, we went to Sala Kaew Ku, it was a unique place full of weird but meaningful statues of Buddha and other celestial god in buddhism religion. There was also a pool with giant fish there. Its a nice place to relax ourself.

After that, we went to Wat Pho Chai in Luang Po Phra Sai. This place is a holy place where they have a large Lan Xang–era Buddha image awash with gold, bronze and precious stones.
It was kinda crowded there because this place is a famous place for visitor like us.

The next place was Indo-Chinese market. It was a marketplace where you can find anything such as clothings, accessories, foods, and also souvenir from Thailand and Also Laos. In the middle of the market, you also can see the Mekong river. The river that separate Thailand and Laos.

And for the last, we went to Wat Phra That Bang Phuan. It's also one of the most sacred temple in Nong Khai.

In the afternoon, me and the other Muslim girl went to the mosque to pray and ate in the Halal Restaurant beside that. After that we went back to UDRU to have some rest and prepare ourself for the next day.

Day 11th 14 agustus tuesday

Holiday was over. It's time to go back to school. I started the day with the Ceremony like usual.

This day is the beginning of the Assistance Week. So i joined Pam's Class and help her to teach the students about the Decimal Number. She gave exercise for the students, and i helped the students as much as i can (I use google translate sometimes).

After the class finished, we got surprised cause Satit UDRU gave us our own table and desk. WOW.
Because i only had one class on that day, i spent the rest of the day in our new office by listening to the music and do our blog.

Day12th  15 agustus wednesday

Day 13th 16 agustus Thursday
To celebrate the Science Day, me, Stephen, Nesty, and some of the Students from Satit UDRU went to Somprao, the branch of the UDRU Campus.
It was a really-really huge event there. They have the Science Exhibition, Food Bazaar, and also a Rocket Bottle Competition for all the students in Udon Thani.
I spent all day to accompany the students wherever they go. First, we tried some unique food in the Bazaar. I tried Kwetiaw Noodle, Coconut water, Something like crepes but not crepes, Boiled Egg Satay, and also Chicken Kebab.
After finished eating, we went to the Football Stadium to support the students in Rocket Bottle Competition.
There were a lot of students from other School in Udon Thani compete for the winner, and luckily the Team from Satit Won this competetion. WOW!

Finished with the rocket bottle, we were going back to the food bazaar to have a lunch and wait for the bus to pick us up. While waiting, we have a convesation with the students, about their nickname, their hobbies (k-pop 555) and also about our culture. I really-really happy to know more about them. I started to feel like they're my family, and i didn't wanna leave them. :(

Day 14th 17 agustus Friday
Dhirgahayu Republik Indonesia yang ke-73!
17 August is the Independence day of Indonesia. So I, Miranti, and Nesty decided to wore White-Red clothes and took a picture in front of the International Office.
After that, I went back to school and decorate my table with Indonesian Flag. Even if we weren't in Indonesia, but we still have the Spirit of Independence. We also have to be proud because we represent our Country, Indonesia, in Thailand.

I didn't have any class that day. So i just sat in the office, watching Indonesia Indepence Ceremony via YouTube.
What i missed the most is the Independence Day Games. For Your Information, to celebrate the Independence Day, there were a lot of game such as Climbing Slippery Pole Game, Catching Eels, Sack Race, and many more. I hope that next year i can see those games again.
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Friday, 10 August 2018

WEEK 1 - Sea Teacher Batch 6 to Udon Thani, Thailand.

Huwala guys! Sawatdee Krub! 

It’s been a long time since i posted something on this blog with English, so i want to say sorry if there are so many mistakes. Because i’m still learning, hahaha.

Okay, so today i’m gonna share my experiences about Sea-Teacher Project Batch 6 in Udon Thani, Thailand.

But first, what is Sea-Teacher?

Sea Teacher is a Pre-service Student Exchange Program by SEAMEO. For now, there are 4 countries that joined this program: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Philipines.


1st Day (August 4th 2018)

Because I lived in Banjarmasin, it took 3 flight to go to Udon Thani. First was Banjarmasin to Jakarta, Jakarta to Bangkok, and then Bangkok to Udon Thani. And it was a really long and interesting journey because I have never gone Abroad before.

There were so many funny moment in the airport. First, me and Miranti Diah Prastika (the other participant from Lambung Mangkurat University) slept at the prayer room in Soekarno-Hatta Airport because we arrived at the airport at 1:00 AM, and the next flight schedule was in the 6:00 AM. And then at the Don Mueang Airport, we need to separate our stuff from the luggage into small bag because they only accept 10kg luggage. And also, I tried Hainanese Chicken Rice for the first time at the airport and that was really-really Arroy (Delicious).

Finally at 16.00, we arrived at the Udon Thani airport. We met the other participant from Indonesia: Intan, Delima, and Nesty. We were lucky because it was rainy outside, so it didn’t felt that hot. We took our luggage, and met the students from Udon Thani Rajabhat University that already waited for us outside the airport: Mew, Nut, Aef, and Palm.

They took us to our Dormitory in Udon Thani Rajhabat University(UDRU). I got surprised because our room is in the fifth floor and has no elevator, maybe in the next month I will lose some weight. Yeay!
I met the other participant from Filiphines, Joshua Maglines. He will be my roommate when I stay in Udon Thani.

Right after we came to the dorm, Miss Nichata and Miss Kim invited us to went to the Central Plaza of Udon Thani. We bought a new Simcard there, and tried the Thailand KFC. It had a different menu. That was a new experiences for us.

The first day was really great. Can't wait to learn more about Udon Thani. 


2nd Day (August 5th 2018)

At 9:00 AM, one of our roommate from Filipina, Stephen finally arrived.

We began our second day by shopping. We went to the market to bought some necesseties like bucket, glass, bowl, and the other stuffs that needed for the whole month.

In the afternoon, the UDRU students took us to Night Market with a traditional transportation named tuktuk.  It looks like Combination of Bajaj and Becak from Indonesia.
source: wikipedia (i forgot to take the photo)

The Night Market had everything you need, like clothes, shoes, make up, and the most important: it had a huge Food Shop that sales so many Thailand’s Street Food with affordable price. This felt like Heaven for a Foodlover like me.
Even if there were a lot food there, something that really stole our attention were the cricket and the worm. Because for some people, eating an insect is disgusting. But we still bought some, and surprisingly it was delicious


3rd Day (August 6th 2018)

The third day was an Orientation Day. As like Indonesian proverb said: “Tak kenal, maka tak sayang” or “You can’t love what you don’t know”, so we getting to know each other.
The orientation was opened with Opening Address by  Asst. Prof. Dr. Pattawan Najaikaew as the Dean, Faculty of Education. We gave a Sasirangan(traditional fabric from Banjarmasin) as the souvenir from Lambung Mangkurat University to Udon Thani Rajabhat University. 
There also a presentation about UDRU, Ban Makhaeng School, Udonpichairakpittaya School. and also Demonstration School of Udon Thani Rajabhat University/Satit UDRU (my practicum school)
We learned about basic thai language with Asst. Jintana Duangpang. It’s kinda hard for us cause every single letter is different with ABCs Letters. She also teached us several thai sentences like sawatdee krub, kho tood krub, and kob koon krub.

After the class done, we had a Campus Tour. It was a nice experiences because the UDRU had so many facilities like a dorm, sport center, and also had a huge library.
at the library
We went back to the dormitory to take some rest, and back to the building 12 to dinner and finally met our Buddies!
In the building 12, we played a game about memorizing the name of all participant, a nice game to break the ice.

After that, we picked our buddy randomly, and i got Noon and View, the 4th students of English Education in UDRU as my buddies. They were so kind and really care about me. Hope that our friendship will last forever.


4th Day (August 7th 2018)
First day of the school!
As a new teacher, we were so excited and went to the school  at 07.00 AM (The school is started at 8.00 AM)
08.00 The president of Satit UDRU Introduced us in front of the students of Satit School. Some of the students laughed when they heard my name, and when I asked them why, they said that my name is similar like one of the Instant Noodle Brand in Thailand.

So, Demonstration School of Udon Thani Rajabhat University a.k.a SATIT UDRU is Located at 64 Taharn Road, Meuang, Udon Thani. Established on 26th December 2011 and Declared as one of the UDRU faculty. They started 1st semester on 1st October 2012. And divide by three sections: Preschool, Primary school, and Secondary school.

Because my Mentor was still in Bangkok, so I spent my first day (in the first week) to observe the student teacher that also had internship in Satit UDRU, Pam. She taught about multiplying Exponent number with games. 

5th Day (August 8th 2018)
In my 5th day, we joined ASEAN DAY Event in  Banmakhaeng school. I wore Sasirangan that day (Traditional Fabric from South Kalimantan).
Stay in other country, and found Booth named Indonesia with some pictures and Traditional Dance from Indonesia made me miss my country so bad. I took some photos there with Miranti, and Nesty.

We also tried traditional food from Thailand that looks like Traditional food from my city Banjarmasin named Wadai Cucur, but a little bit smaller. I really-really like it.

Overall, i was really-really happy that day because i learned a lot from the Event, like the culture of the other country, and how to Respect the Diversity.


6th Day (August 9th 2018)
Even if it was a rainy day, it didn’t make us lazy to go to school. As usual, Me, Stephen, and Nesty went at 7.30 and use our Raincoat.
I observed the teaching and learning in 1/3 and 1/2:
They learned about exponent with something like puzzle/jigsaw. They matched the exponent number with the equal number, and i think it was a nice method to make students interested with mathematics. The students really excited about the learning process. 
Beside that, i also learn several Mathematics vocabularies in Thai Language, so it will be easier to me to teach the students in the next week.

After the class finished, we helped the students to made papercraft for the decoration, because the next day they will have the Mother’s day Celebration. 

7th Day (August 10th 2018)
Happy mother’s day!
Mother’s day was a routine event that celebrate the Queen’s Birthday. So that day, everyone wore Blue to express their love to the Queen. 

We celebrated the mother's day with the students from Satit School. The event was great. They displayed some pictures of Queen, and also the pictures of the students with their mothers.
submit the food they brought to the monk to get a bless. And the event was closed with the monk that splash the holy water to all the participant.

As a muslim, I must do the Friday prayer at the mosque, so I borrowed Noon’s motorcycle to go to the nearest mosque. Even if I didn’t understand the preaching, I was really happy because they really welcome me as a muslim foreigner

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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Pasti Nangis! - Review Film Be With You (2018)

Bermula saat gue yang bingung mengisi waktu luang di kala liburan, dan sedikit butuh hiburan.
Gue iseng buka konten IGTV milik akun instagram @dijonmovie

Disana gue nonton beberapa kontennya, dari penjelasan mengenai seat di bioskop, review singkat film yang baru aja release, sampai ke konten yang berisi beberapa rekomendasi film terbaik sepanjang 2018 (hingga saat ini).
Beberapa Film bagus masuk dalam jajaran list tersebut, dari Avengers Infinity Wars, Annihilation, serta beberapa film keren lainnya. Gue pun menyisihkan beberapa list film yang udah gue tonton dan yang horror hingga list yang tersisa pun menampilkan empat judul film.
Love Simon, Love For Sale (Indonesia), Revenge, dan Be With You(Korea). 

Sebagai lelaki tulen yang gagah dan perkasa, kalian tau kan gue pilih nonton yang mana? 
Jelas, tanpa pikir panjang, gue memilih buat nonton Be With You #siap
source: wikipedia

So, sebelum gue sedikit review film ini. Gue meminta maaf yang sebesar-besarnya karena gue sendiri bukan pakar film yang paham mengenai seluk-beluk cinematography, scoring, plot, dll. Jadi review gue isinya cuman tanggapan gue nonton film ini sebagai penikmat film biasa. 
Dan, untuk yang Anti-Spoiler silahkan beranjak dari sini karena mungkin akan ada beberapa potongan cerita yang gue (secara ngga sengaja) akan ceritain. Cekidot!

Review Be With You (2018)

Drama memang bisa dibilang sebagai salah satu senjata ampuh dari negara Korea. Mungkin kalo suatu saat WW3 pecah, mereka cukup ngirimin drama aja, dan para musuh akan ngaku kalah karena ngga kuat menahan kesedihan. Oke, poin ini sungguh sangat tidak penting.

Plot cerita Be With You

Bergenre Drama-Fantasy, film yang di-direct oleh Lee Jang-hoon ini bercerita tentang sebuah keluarga yang terdiri dari Ayah dan sang Anak yang harus rela menjalani kehidupan mereka setelah ditinggal mati oleh sang Istri/Ibu. Namun sebelum kepergiannya, Si Ibu membuat sebuah dongeng tentang Ibu Penguin yang kembali dari kematiannya pada saat musim hujan tiba. 

Yup, dengan inti cerita sesederhana itu, film yang diadaptasi dari novel berjudul serupa; Be With You ini sukses bikin gue nangis sekitar, ya beberapa kali lah (ini adalah kata halus dari "nangis sepanjang film").
Film ini dengan sukses menggambarkan kepada kita tentang bagaimana mereka kesusahan menjalani hidup tanpa sang Ibu, dimulai dengan pekerjaan berat sang Ayah, rumah yang begitu berantakan, sampai kancing baju yang salah kancing alias kelewatan ngancingin. Namun diantara kesusahan tersebut, si Anak tetap menjaga harapannya kalo suatu saat Sang Ibu bakal balik lagi waktu musim hujan tiba.
Dan bener, secara ngga terduga, di musim hujan tahun berikutnya sang Ibu muncul kembali, tapi dengan ingatan yang sudah hilang. Lalu perjuangan mereka buat ngembaliin ingatan si ibu dan mempertahankan keberadaannya pun dimulai. 

Pemeran Film Be With You

Sang Ayah yang merupakan mantan Atlet Renang yang terserang penyakit mematikan diperankan dengan baik oleh So Ji Sub. Sepanjang film gue dibikin was-was, apalagi tiap dia lari atau ngelakuin hal-hal berat. Rasanya pengen gue marahin aja: "ngga sayang tubuh apa!"
Ketidakmampuan dia + kekagokan dalam ngurus rumah dan anak bener-bener meyakinkan juga. Gue curiga aslinya emang gitu orangnya.
Terus si Ibu, Son Ye Jin cantiknya ngga ketulungan cuy. Scene-scene mesra mereka bikin gue mesem-mesem sendiri. Sungguh beruntung si cowo bisa punya istri secantik ini.
Dan yang ngga kalah pentingnya, si Anak yang diperankan Kim Ji Hwan juga diperankan dengan sangat-sangat baik. Selama 2 jam 12 menit, dia memiliki andil paling besar dalam setiap tetes air mata yang gue jatuhkan. Huft.
Pemeran-pemeran lain pun berakting dengan sangat bagus, dan punya porsi yang pas di sepanjang filmnya.

Dari 1-10, Rate Gue untuk Film ini?

Meskipun film ini cuman mendapat 7.6/10 dari IMDb. Menurut gue film ini layak untuk dapat 8.5/10
Pemeran yang apik, tempat latar yang bagus dan cerita yang ringan dan nangis-able ini wajib banget buat kalian tonton. Gue yakin Mad Dog nonton film ini juga bakal nangis. 

Okeh, segitu dulu review singkat untuk film Be With You ini. Semoga bisa menghibur dan menambah pengetahuan kalian. Ciao~

p.s: besok gue bakal berangkat ke Thailand. Tunggu cerita selanjutnya di blog ini, atau instagram gue di @sukadukanuka

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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Serunya Peluncuran Swift 3 & Nitro 5 di ACER Day 2018 Banjarmasin

Ke Banjarmasin beli kain katun
Pulangnya beli buah nangka
Ini bukan pantun
Jadi ngga usah gitu nada bacanya
#yhaaa #abaikan

Selamat pagi, siang, sore, atau malam buat kalian, kapanpun kalian baca tulisan ini.
Hari ini, gue bakalan cerita sedikit pengalaman gue pada saat ngehadirin acara Acer Day 2018 yang diadakan di Kota Banjarmasin, pada tanggal 16 Juli 2018 kemaren.

Oiya, buat kalian yang bertanya-tanya:

Apa sih Acer Day itu?

Acer Day adalah Event yang diselenggarakan oleh Acer, sebuah brand yang telah menjadi pemain utama Industri PC di Indonesia sejak 1998 (hampir seumuran gue cuy).
Event Acer Day 2018 ini diselenggarakan serentak di 12 Negara Asia Pasifik. Dan untuk Indonesia, Banjarmasin menjadi salah satu kota beruntung yang menjadi tempat pelaksanaan Acer Day bersama 8 kota Besar lainnya.
Tema yang diangkat di Acer Day tahun ini adalah musik. Yup, Acer ngajak kita untuk menjelajahi dunia Acer yang Menyenangkan, Trendy, dan juga Inovatif. Pokoknya anak muda banget deh.
Kira-kira begitulah sedikit gambaran mengenai apa itu Acer Day.

Sumber: acerid

Lanjut ke cerita awal gue tadi.

Di hari senin, 16 Juli 2018, gue diundang buat ngikutin acara Acer Day 2018 di kafe Intro Bistro Banjarmasin. Isi dompet yang sudah mulai menipis pun membuat otak gue langsung berproses cepat meng'iya'kan ajakan tersebut tanpa pikir panjang. Gue disuruh dateng jam 15.00 sore, dengan dress code baju warna Navy.
Masalah pun muncul, baju warna navy gue cuman ada 3. Kemeja yang udah kekecilan, kaos (yang udah mulai pudar), dan kaos bergambar Thanos. Pengen pake kemeja, tapi takutnya perut gue membludak disana karena kebanyakan makan, pengen pake baju Thanos nanti gue diserang Avenger. Gue kehabisan pilihan, dan akhirnya milih baju kaos polos yang udah mulai pudar, yasudahlah.

Sesampainya disana, gue langsung nyerobot ke antrian makanan, registrasi di meja panitia. Kebetulan gue dateng disaat para undangan udah mulai dateng, jadi ngga awkward banget duduk sendirian.
Selain gue yang mewakili Pena Blogger Banua, disana juga ada beberapa perwakilan dari Female Blogger Banjarmasin dan juga Blogger Banua.

Ngga berselang lama, acara pun dibuka oleh mas-mas pembawa acara: "Banjarmasin digoyaang!"
Ngga deh, bercanda.Mas-Mas Pembawa Acara (yang gue lupa namanya) itu pun menyambut kita dengan sangat baik, dan menjelaskan sedikit mengenai Acer Day yang katanya juga ada Doorprizenya yaitu Fun Trip keluar negeri. Wah, pokoknya semakin bikin kita penasaran tentang Event Acer Day ini.

Kemudian, untuk penjelasan lebih lanjut Mas-Mas Pembawa Acara pun mempersilahkan Bapak Nino Wirawan selaku General Manager Sales Acer Indonesia untuk menjelaskan mengenai Acer day + beberapa teknologi dan laptop terbaru Acer.

General Manager Sales Acer Indonesia

Pertama, beliau menjelaskan tentang Rangkaian acara yang ada di ACER Day 2018. Sesuai dengan tema musik dan anak mudanya, ada lomba menciptakan musik yang bernama FUN Friends Acer Day, dimana kalian bisa berkolaborasi dengan para musisi dari luar negeri dan bisa bersaing memperebutkan hadiah utama Trip To Taiwan dan Laptop Acer Swift 5. GOKS!
Terus buat yang ngga begitu paham musik juga bisa ikutan acara lain loh, kaya FUN Festivals Acer Day, syarat ikutannya juga gampang, kalian cuman harus registrasi produk Acer yang telah kalian beli, dan langsung berkesempatan buat menangin tiket buat Festivals International Music Concert.
Yang penasaran sama kedua event tersebut, langsung aja cek web resmi acer id.

Ngga lupa, beliau juga menyebutkan bahwa selama Acer Day 2018 ini mereka bakal meluncurkan beberapa pilihan antara lain seri Swift 3 Acer Day Special Edition dan juga Nitro 5 - Gaming Series yang merupakan Laptop Gaming murah dan affordable buat mahasiswa kaya gue.

Swift 3 Acer Day Special Edition

Laptop tipis ini adalah sebuah keluaran terbaru dari Acer. Dengan lebar cuman sekitar 18 mm dan berat 1,5kg, bener-bener laptop tipis dan ringan yang elegan pastinya. Tapi jangan salah, meskipun tipis dan ringan, spek yang diusung ngga main-main. Performa powerful dengan High performance NVIDIA dan MX150 graphics card + dual HHD dan SSD yang masih bisa diupgrade yang memungkinkan laptop ini berproses cepat
Harga? jangan takut, dengan semua kelebihan yang diusung, laptop ini cuman dibanderol di kisaran 6 jutaan rupiah doang. Terjangkau banget buat kita-kita yang berdompet tipis ini.
sumber: acerid

 Nitro 5 Intel®Core™ Generasi ke 8. 

Cowo-cowo merapat!
Para gamers harus berbahagia nih karena Acer ngeluarin Laptop Gaming yang termurah di kelasnya. Laptop ini di klaim sebagai the best in class baik dari performa ataupun harga. Nitro 5 Intel®Core™ Generasi ke 8 ini ditawarkan dengan harga special mulai dari 11 Jutaan rupiah doang gaes. Selain itu, juga tersedia varian baru Nitro 5 Core i7 dan NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 dengan harga mulai dari 17 jutaan. Spek gila dan termurah di kelasnya. 
sumber: acerid

Penjelasan dilanjutkan oleh bapak Suryadi Hiumanbrata dan juga Pak Agus. Beliau menjelaskan teknologi terbaru AMD yaitu AMD Ryzen. AMD Ryzen merupakan sebuah chip prosesor terbaru keluaran AMD, yang katanya adalah terobosan terbaru. Ryzen sendiri memiliki beberapa keunggulan seperti:
- Kinerja cepat
- Terbaik di kelasnya sehingga kalian bisa bekerja dan bermain lebih nyaman
- Watt yang lebih efisien sehingga baterai lebih tahan lama
Dan teknologi AMD Ryzen ini juga udah diterapkan ke beberapa laptop Acer seperti Aspire 3 dan juga Swift 3. Sungguh bikin ngiler ya gaes.

Pak Suryadi dan Pak Agus

Setelah diberi penjelasan tentang teknologi AMD Ryzen, kita pun diberi kesempatan buat nyobain performa laptopnya. Dan emang, meskipun tergolong Laptop Tipis, tapi main game anti ngelag. Laptop setipis itu bisa nandingin spesifikasi PC Desktop. Warbiyasah.

gaming dulu gaes

Sesi pertanyaan pun tiba, gue yang udah ngiler pun bersiap buat nerima kenyataan kalo laptop dengan spesifikasi canggih tersebut bakalan menghianati isi dompet gue, dan ketika gue tanya harga Aspire 3 dan Swift 3, mereka dengan percaya diri bilang Laptop Gaming ini adalah salah satu yang termurah karna cuman dibanderol dengan harga kisaran 6-10 juta doang. Cocok lah buat mahasiswa.
Dan semenjak itu, laptop ini menjadi alasan gue nabung.

Gue paling ganteng

Okedeh, kira-kira segitu dulu aja pengalaman gue di Acer Day 2018 di Banjarmasin. Semoga kalian terhibur. Sampai jumpa~
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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Review Film The Greatest Showman. Drama Musikal Ter-EPIC abad ini!

Bagi kalian para pecinta film, pasti sadar kalo beberapa bulan belakangan ini industri film sedang berada di puncak kepopuleritasannya. Dari Indonesia, 2018 adalah tahunnya Dilan 1990, yang saking hitsnya, quotesnya bisa kalian jumpai di setiap akun instagram bocah-bocah kasmaran.
Film mancanegara? Jangan ditanya. 2017-2018 bisa dibilang gudangnya film-film keren. Maze runner, Pitch Perfect, 50 shades of freed, ditambah persaingan sengit Film-film marvel VS Film DC Bikin bioskop di Banjarmasin sesak banget kaya ukuran celana gue saat berat badan nambah.

Satu jenis film lain yang juga menjadi ngetrend belakangan ini adalah Film Musikal. Iyap, tanpa diduga di tahun 2017-2018  beberapa film musical merajai puncak Box Office. Dimulai dari Beauty and The Beast, La La Land, hingga yang baru-baru ini menjadi perbincangan hangat, The Greatest Showman.

Okedeh, sesuai judul diatas, kali ini gue bakal sedikit ngereview tentang film The Greatest Showman ini. Tapi kayanya dibanding ngereview, ini lebih cocok disebut cerita, karena gue ngga begitu paham tentang cara review film. So, cekidot!

The Greatest Showman adalah film bergenre Drama Musikal yang rilis pertama kali pada 8 Desember 2017 di Indonesia (kalo di Banjarmasin sekitar pertengahan Januari 2018).
Dan jujur, sebenernya gue adalah tipe orang yang ngga begitu antusias sama film drama musikal. Terlebih lagi biasanya film drama musikal itu identik sama cewek. Gue juga selalu berpikiran bahwa film musikal itu film aneh yang disepanjang filmnya bakal ada sepasang kekasih yang suka mendadak nyanyi lagu yang sama di tengah orang banyak. Terus setelah nyanyi beberapa bait, orang-orang asing di sepanjang jalanpun akan ikut nyanyi dan joget dengan koreo yang sama juga.
Iya, pikiran gue emang pendek banget.

Kembali ke topik. Karena ketidak antusiasan gue ini, akhirnya film The Greatest Showman ini pun gue kesampingkan dari watchlist karena saingannya di bioskop lebih menjanjikan menurut gue pada saat itu.

Sampai suatu ketika waktu gue lagi buka instastorynya @aulion, dia dengan semangat yang menggebu-gebu cerita tentang betapa bagusnya film itu. Ditambah pemeran utama dari film ini yang katanya adalah Hugh Jackman (Wolverine di X-Men buat yang ngga tau).
Gue yang orangnya mudah kehasut inipun langsung buka yutub untuk nonton trailer film The Greatest Showman itu.

Waspada spoiler.

Setelah termakan buaian Aulion itu pun, gue memutuskan untuk nonton si The Greatest Showman ini, dan yap. Ngga ada kata yang lebih tepat selain kata EPIC.

Film ini bercerita tentang Phineas Taylor Barnum, pendiri salah satu sirkus terbesar “Barnum & Bailey Circus”. Dimulai dengan cerita masa kecil Barnum (seorang anak penjahit) yang jatuh cinta sama anak bangsawan, Charity (kalo di Indonesia judulnya mungkin: Pacarku seorang anak penjahit ganteng).

Film kemudian menceritakan gimana Barnum kecil yang kehilangan ayahnya, harus berjuang bertahan hidup, kesana kemari mencari alamat uang, hingga akhirnya dia dewasa dan menikahi Charity, melahirkan dua orang anak, kena PHK dari tempat kerja, dan akhirnya mencoba membangun sebuah pertunjukkan dengan mencari orang-orang Unik.

Satu hal yang gue salut banget dari film ini, Lagu-lagu yang dinyanyiin bener-bener enak. Bisa dibilang, semua lagu yang dinyanyiin enak. Ngga ada yang ngga enak didengerin. (sehabis nonton gue langsung cari playlist OST nya di yutub)

Terus koreografinya juga rapi dan bagus. Karena mereka berada di sebuah pertunjukkan, menyanyi dan menari rame-ramean yang gue takutkan di awal keliatan natural banget (ngga ada joget bareng orang asing di tengah jalan hujan-hujanan)
Bisa dibilang, selama 1 jam 45 menit, ngga ada satu momenpun yang bisa gue lewatkan bahkan meski kebelet pengen ke toilet. 

Film ini juga bagus banget buat ditonton bareng keluarga karena pesan yang disampaikan banyak banget, dari menghargai orang lain, kekeluargaan, persamaan ras, dan juga tentang keserakahan. Yang mana menurut gue, meskipun berlatar sekitar tahun 1800-an, tapi pesan yang disampaikan bener-bener cocok sama permasalahan zaman sekarang.

Segi lagu udah, segi koreo udah, segi pesan juga udah.
Saatnya ngebahas masalah aktor.
Gue sebagai anak 90-an yang mengenal Hugh Jackman sebagai Logan a.k.a wolverine, jujur agak kaget kenapa dia bisa-bisanya jadi pemeran utama sebuah  film drama musikal. Sehingga hampir sepanjang film gue menghayal si Hugh ini bakalan ngeluarin cakar pas lagi nyanyi. Syukur hayalan gue ngga jadi kenyataan. Kan ribet kalo tiba-tiba Professor X dateng dan ikutan nyanyi.

Yang baru gue tau belakangan ini, ternyata sebelum berperan sebagai Wolverine, hugh dulunya adalah pemeran teater musikal *beri applause untuk wolverine kita*

Selain hugh, film ini juga dihiasi bintang-bintang ternama kaya Zac Effron, Zendaya, Michele william, dan Rebecca Ferguson dkk yang aktingnya udah ngga perlu diragukan lagi.
Oiya, kemistri antara Zac sama Zendaya bakal gue kasih dua jempol karena ke-gila-ini-mereka-kemistrinya-dapet-banget-annya. Bisa dibilang scene ketika Zac sama Zendaya nyanyi Rewrite The Star sambil bergelantungan adalah scene favorit gue sepanjang film. Apik banget!

Over all, menurut gue film ini layak diberi rating 4.5/5 karena kemegahan serta musik yang luar biasa bagus banget. Tapi, ini murni penilaian dari gue, kembali ke selera masing-masing.

So, segitu dulu deh review dari gue, kurang tambahnya langsung komen di kolom komengtar aja yaw. Thankyou~
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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

5 Destinasi Wisata di Bandung yang Cocok Untuk Instagrammer

Bentar lagi musim liburan nih. Ga ada salahnya untuk mulai merencakan tempat-tempat liburan dari sekarang. Khusus buat kamu yang tinggal di sekitar Bandung, gue punya beberapa saran tempat liburan yang hits dan instagramable nih.

Ngomong-ngomong masalah bandung, Dulunya kota bandung ini disebut dengan Paris van Java atau kota Paris yang ada di Jawa karena keindahan alamnya. Kota Bandung kerap juga disebut kota kembang karena banyak bunga-bunga dan pepohonan yang menambah keindahan panorama alam Kota Bandung. Selain itu, kota Bandung terkenal juga karena banyaknya mall dan FO atau factory outlet yang menjadi tempat belanja favorit di Bandung.

Tempat-tempat yang bakal gue kasih tau ini, bisa kalian tuju menggunakan jalur darat seperti mobil, atau buat yang pengen lebih simpel dan bebas macet, kalian juga bisa menggunakan kereta api. Apalagi di zaman yang serba canggih ini, Jadwal Kereta Bandung  bisa diliat dan dicari di internet kapanpun dan dimanapun.

Okedeh langsung aja, ini dia 5 Destinasi Wisata di Bandung yang cocok untuk para instagrammer:

1. The Lodge Maribaya Lembang

by instagram @endah_kimy2

Kawasan Lembang, Bandung merupakan salah satu kawasan tempat wisata Bandung yang menyuguhkan keindahan alam serta kesejukan udara. Kawasan Lembang terkenal ketika dijadikan tempat untuk syuting film Petualang Sherina pada tahun 2000. Dan, The Lodge Maribaya merupakan tempat wisata di Bandung Lembang yang terkenal karena keindahan alam terbukanya yang sangat sejuk dan eksotis. Oleh karena itu, The Lodge Maribaya Bandung menjadi salah satu spot fotografi terfavorit di Kota Bandung. Di wisata Bandung yang satu ini ada beragam wahana unik dan seru yang tidak akan Anda jumpai di tempat lain seperti sky tree, mountain swing dan zip bike. 

2. Sanghyang Heuleut

by instagram @likeretno

Sanghwang Heuleut merupakan tempat wisata alam di Bandung yang belum terjamah oleh banyak orang. Sehingga, tempat wisata ini masih begitu asri, tidak banyak orang dan juga polusi. 
Sanghyang Heuluet berada di Kecamatan Rajamanda Kulon, Cipatat, Bandung Barat. Sebenarnya tempat wisata ini adalah sebuah danau yang dikelilingi perbukitan batu. Perbukitan batu inilah yang membuat Sanghyang Heuleut tidak begitu terkenal seperti tempat wisata yang menarik di Bandung dan sekitarnya yang lain. Di Sanghyang Heuleut Anda bisa berenang di danau yang segar, melakukan kemah atau sekadar mengabadikan keindahan alamnya dengan berfoto. Namun, ada beberapa tips yang perlu diperhatikan ketika mengunjung Sanghyang Heuleut seperti jangan datang ketika musim hujan karena jalan yang licin dan danau yang pasti akan meluap. Selain itu, karena belum terjamah oleh banyak manusia, objek wisata Sanghyang Heuleut belum memiliki fasilitas yang memadai seperti toilet umum dan warung. Meski begitu sekali Anda datang ke Sanghyang Heuleut, Anda tidak akan menyesal karena pemandangan alamnya yang sangat memesona.

3. Trans Studio Bandung

by instagram @h37vibass

Rasanya tidak adil jika membahas objek wisata di Bandung tetapi melewatkan tempat ini. Trans Studio Bandung atau TSB merupakan taman bermain indoor yang ada di Bandung. Anda bisa mengajak keluarga Anda berkunjung di sini tanpa harus khawatir sengatan panas sinar matahari atau guyuran hujan. Layaknya taman bermain, Trans Studio Bandung menyuguhkan berbagai wahana dari yang menghibur sampai yang memacu adrenalin. Wahana-wahana permainan yang ada di Trans Studio Bandung antara lain bianglala, roller coaster, balap mobil, giant swing dan masih banyak lagi. Hal yang membedakan Trans Studio Bandung dengan taman bermain yang lain adalah adanya science center dan Trans Broadcast Museum yang menjadi sarana untuk menambah pengetahuan dan tidak akan Anda temukan di taman bermain mana pun. Anda bisa mengakses Trans Studio Bandung dari Stasiun Kiaracondong dengan angkutan kota atau taksi sejauh satu kilometer.

4. Dago

by instagram @lazuardimanalu

Dago adalah kawasan tempat wisata hits di Bandung modern terfavorit yang bisa Anda kunjungi bersama dengan Cihampelas Walk atau Ciwalk. Di Dago Anda bisa menemukan banyak factory outlet yang bisa menjadi tempat berbelanja. Selain itu, di Dago juga menyediakan banyak hotel dan penginapan yang bisa menjadi tempat menginap Anda saat mengunjungi Bandung.

5. Event-Event Hits di Bandung

 by pixabay

Selain 4 destinasi wisata pilihan gue tadi, biar menambah koleksi foto-foto kalian di Bandung. Kalian juga bisa dateng ke event-event yang ada di Bandung. Terlebih lagi sekarang juga udah gampang banget nyari Tiket Masuk Konser musik ataupun event-event lainnya. So, tunggu apa lagi guys? Langsung aja serbu event-event Hits Bandung!

Okedeh! Segitu dulu 5 Destinasi Wisata di Bandung yang cocok untuk para instagrammer kali ini. See you on the next post!
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